Friday, 30 September 2011

Bodor Audio, A Masterpiece in Sound

The Hungarian bodor audio debuted at the London design festival with a complete high-end audio system consisting of a CD player, integrated amplifier and speakers. The system named “Presence” offers a unique musical experience which also includes a personalized service package. The brand was founded by well-known Ferenc Bodor in the Hungarian audio district and interior designer Csaba Finta. Their approach combines passion for music and morphed itself into a product with novelty and flexibility.
Designer: Ágnes Simonfalvi

Digital Cork

I am no wine expert but I do know this much that opened bottles need to be stored and consumed appropriately. Winery is a digital bottle stopper with a sensor that goes into the bottleneck and keeps a tab on the wine. It even relays useful information like temperature, expiry date of the wine via WiFi to your smartphone app. Kinda like keeping a digital eye on your drink!

Designers: Kwang-wi Park and Eun-ji Lim

Flick a Light

The delightful Toggle is a lamp that is switched on and off by simply toggling it left or right! Its no-fuss and minimal design is very retro and chic. Something that suits all places and people. Adding it to my wishlist!

Designer: Yonggu Do

The Only Appliance You Need

I gotta get me one-a these!! Perfect for the small studio, Micro is a multi-purpose home appliance that incorporates all the features of a kitchen into one super-compact cleaning, cooking, cooling machine. A built in washer, induction cooker, dishwasher, and fridge are squeezed into the unit making it a one-stop-shop for all your cooking needs… all that and there’s room leftover for a small surface for food preparation!

Designer: Sebastian Popa

Ancient Beauty Meets Modern Sports Gear

The Amulet Helmet by designers Kim Jungwoo & Kim Yoonsang takes influence from the Sun Ja Mun pattern, a traditional Korean symbol that you’ve probably seen before. It represents love, living, & luck. Whether it will bring you any of those things or not, there’s no denying that it’s one cool looking piece of headgear.

Designer: Kim Jungwoo & Kim Yoonsang

A Dose of Light

Named “Capsule” for obvious reasons, this table lamp by designer Miika Mahonen has an unconventional but intuitive method of turning off and on – simply pull up on the “shade” to reveal bright LED light, or push down to create a thin line of light that provides a subtle ambient glow. Cast from aluminum, this design is both functional and recyclable, though, you won’t want to throw it away anytime soon.
Designer: Miika Mahonen

Thursday, 29 September 2011

More than a Toolbox

If it were only a sleek toolbox, I wouldn’t have even set a glance on the Toolstair. The fact is this concept is a clever design and I really hope sees the light of day. A refreshing, sturdy, portable and modular combination of a toolbox and stepladder is what we are talking about. It stores the goodies and transforms to a handy step-up with adjustable heights. Something that every home and office needs!

Designers: Taehyung Kim, Chanhee Han, Junyoung Jang & Wonmo Yang

Rustic Minimalism?

The Simple Rustic line of furniture proves that minimal design doesn’t have to be cold or sterile. Classic shapes, rounded edges, and unfinished pine give the bare-bones pieces a touch of country with a warm and inviting look that will compliment a variety of interiors from the wood cabin to the modern loft. Get ‘em here!

Designer: Guillem Ferran

The Art of Solar Printing

It’s here in concept and I simply love it! The Tanning Printer is a solar powered printer that doesn’t use cartridges. Instead it uses the process of sun-tanning the paper! You got that right sir…sun tan! It seems outlandish right now, but trust me the idea is worth exploring… the design is here, it looks neat and sleek; now let the engineers figure it out!

Designers: Hosung Jung, Junsang Kim, Seungin Lee & Yonggu Do

The Hook Sponge

The name says it all! The Hook Sponge by designer Robert Audroué is a perfect example of how sometimes the simplest modification (even of an already simple product) can make a world of difference. Keep it handy on the kitchen faucet, a shower-head or any other place that needs regular cleaning.
Designer: Robert Audroué

Spectacular Swedish Ski Structure

With construction scheduled at the turn of 2013/2014, Skipark 360°, by the Swedish branch of C. F. Møller Architects, Berg Arkitektkontorthe, will be the world’s most complete indoor ski park with a 700 meter downhill slope, making it the only indoor ski slope in the world to meet the requirements for hosting the World Cup. Located in a forest just outside Stockholm, the 135 meter structure is sure to become a landmark as one of Sweden’s largest buildings.
In addition to the downhill run, the complex will also contain a 3.5 km cross-country skiing tunnel, an arena for biathlon, ice hockey, bandy and figure skating, and a snow park for snowboarding. There will also be restaurants, shops, a spa and hotel and conference facilities, offering panoramic views of the countryside.
Designer: Berg Arkitektkontor

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Plug Aid

These cute smiley plugs have a very good reason to be cheerful. Their friendly disposition helps you to unplug plugs from the socket with ease. A gentle push on the back knob and simple mechanics help dislodge the prongs from the deathly grip. Ask me, I’ve broken many socket plates in attempts to pull out plugs, either I use too much force or they are of bad quality! These Push Plugs will help my cause.

Designers: Jeong-woo Han & Seul-gi Oh

Breathe Easy

What we have here is a brilliant idea that can go on to save many lives during a smoke crisis in subway trains. However it does come with its set of flaws. The Sub-Resk is an overhead handle-strap design for the standing commuters. It comes integrated with an purified air mask that can be easily deployed should the need arise. The only flaw is the logistics of usage, only those who are grabbing on to the handle will be able to use one. Experience shows that during panic situations people react differently, while some may be chivalrous and maybe share their mask with another person, others may not. Another point against this design is the amount of air contained in the capsule, since it does not seem to be hooked to some supply pipes. Nevertheless, it’s a concept worth exploring and building upon.
Designers: Sang-eon Lee & Yeong-ho Yoon

The Wood Hanger Just Got Better

I love the look of wooden clothes hangers, but because of their rigidity they tend to be difficult to squeeze through the neck of shirts. With just a simple squeeze, this clever design, appropriately named the  Bender Hanger, slides easily into the smallest of garments, making for a quick an easy way to hang clothes while retaining the sophistication of the classic wood hanger.

Designer: Igor Vig

Simple Mobile Furniture

The Mobile Room series of furniture by designer Yu Juiting provides a quick way to assemble/disassemble, transport, and store its multifunctional pieces. The flat-pack-ready wood components easily slide into place and are simple enough to assemble that the user won’t even need to glance at the instructions. With four versatile pieces, this design is great for the apartment jumper or those with a small studio.
Designer: Yu Juiting

Innovative Observation Tower

The result of a study into the application of Ultra High Performance Concrete, this 25 meter high observation tower by UNStudio really puts the material to the test. The innovative concrete differs from the norm in that it is extremely dense, has steel fibers, and maintains a fine grain structure. Its use in the tower makes it possible to achieve the fluid, eye-catching shape with minimal obstruction of the views.
Designer: UNStudio

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

BBQ Special

Barbecues are as much fun as they are headaches. When the party’s over, the cleaning process and stowing away is always such a big problem. Inspired by the retro video game cartridge, we have here the Cartridge Grill, a seamless combination of heater and grill-plate. It promises to be as much fun with an easier cleaning process. The good news is that you won’t have to wait till summer for some BBQ action, this baby works all year round!

Cartridge Grill is a 2011 Spark Awards entry.
Designer: Sangwon Jung

What A Wide Mouth!

Ease is a washing machine specially designed for the silver generation and for those living with aches and pains. The ergonomics in design and clever 45-degree angle of the drum mouth make it easy to reach in for the clothes. If only it could look a bit slimmer and occupy less space, it would be perfect!

Ease is a 2011 iF concept design entry.
Designer: Peng Shanzhong

A Table So Skinny it Makes Mary-Kate Olsen Look Fat

Only kidding! But seriously, the minimal Chiuet table’s über-thin surface is supported by an equally lanky 3-legged base that, from some angles, is so thin that you might wonder if it has disappeared altogether! Not to worry though, unlike some celebrity starlets, the solid steel Chiuet is as strong as it is skinny.
Designer: Design-Jay

Every Last Drop

It’s bad enough that, each year, millions of printer ink cartridges end up in landfills and incinerators. What’s worse is that most aren’t even empty! To make the most of the remaining ink, this smart design transforms from ink cartridge to handy stamp with a quick and easy removal of the cap. Not only does it help to cut back on wasted ink, but it also serve as a reminder to reduce, reuse, and recycle items that are often taken for granted.
Designers: Kim Jungwoo, Kim Yoonsang, & Park Eunsung

Charming Coat-Rack

Gotta love this minimal coat-rack by the designers at Smartwoodhouse. Designed for easy assembly, storage, and transport, the S02 is composed of interlocking round wood pieces of different size that are connected by hidden hardware joints. Geometric shapes and lines complimented by the round, warm wood make this piece perfect for both minimal and classic atmospheres.
Designer: Smartwoodhouse

Monday, 26 September 2011

Candid Camera with a Sling

Don’t smile, don’t say ‘Say Cheese’ and definitely don’t strike a pose! All these are a taboo when you are using the Sling Shot Camera, a real fun concept that aims to capture the real you…. when you are digging your nose, sticking your tongue out and scratching your butt! What ever happened to lighter side of life; thankfully this camera will bring back the spunk to natural photography! And as you guessed it works like a slingshot; yippee what fun!

Designers: Sung Young Um & Jung Eun Yim

Raise Safety Quotient While Snowboarding

Daredevil acts while snowboarding offer their fare share of thrills, however one can never be too cautions and thus accidents occur! In such an event, especially when it’s getting closer to sunset, the friendly slopes soon turn hostile and every bit of survival skills need to be harnessed. Keeping this situation in mind, the trio designers have conceptualized a snowboard/post with an OLED Safety Light embedded into the surface. The light is easily activated and is incorporated in such a way that it doesn’t cause any hindrance during snowboarding or run the risk of breaking. A simply superb idea!

Raise Up Your Safety is an IDEA 2011 entry.
Designers: Jung Hoon Lee, Jung Eun Kim and Hyun Min Lee

Adidas’ New Sporty Office

I thought my office was cool until I saw the exterior of Adidas’ new corporate headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The part of my life that really stung though, was seeing the interior… thanks to the design team at KINZO, I now officially hate my office!! The new working environment features a custom, sporty, and functional furniture system they like to call “WORKOUT” … it's perfect name considering the design is purely Adidas in both form and function. Hit the jump to see for yourself!

Designer: KINZO

Urban Seating with a Twist

Composed entirely of the hardwearing and visually seamless HI-MACS material, the S Urban bench by designer Veronica Martinez isn’t just a twist on public seating but a perfect demonstration of HI-MACS’ unique malleability. Inspired by spiral movements found in hurricanes, chains of DNA, It's nice to you and other natural elements, the fluid shape of the bench appears to shift as it captures the essence of movement between abrupt lines. Made from a single mold, the bench is as efficient to produce as it is nice to look at.
Designer: Veronica Martinez

Friday, 23 September 2011

Gladiator’s Bike

I have no words really. The title says it all. The renders… are just so brazen. Here’s the brief. In the 22nd century, the gap between rich and poor widen and life expectancy doubles. All that extra cash and time means people get board. Enter the Gladiator’s Bike. A craft designed for a futuristic race where competitors battle it out to the finish line and win the people’s admiration.

Designer: Jaewan Jeong

Lasers on my Wrist, PEW PEW!

The Elusive concept watch came by way of an intern at Dassault Systemes because we totally support the newbies. Yes it’s minimalistic but actually pretty functional too and makes a whole lot of sense. The gist of it all is time is projected onto you skin via lasers. The overall effect is futuristic and saves power since you only access “time” when you need it. Otherwise it’s a pretty nifty looking bracelet.

Designer: David Blanc

Flexible Disposal!

The Flex Bin is intended for the kitchen but I can picture it in almost any room of the house or office. Flexible ribs made from polycarbonate, extend or contract to easily tuck in any-size disposable bag. Easy to maintain and clean, I love this flowery concept and would love to see it a home store!

Designer: Jon Liow

Bathing Suit for an Even Tan!

Sunkissed beaches of Hawaii and the biggest concern on any modest girl’s mind is, how do I get an even tan? I say modest because not all of us are daring enough to bare all, besides many beaches have a nudity ban! The solution thought up by an ingenious mind is a bikini with an integrated solar panel and unique fabric. The combination of the two works in such a way that the body tans evenly! Will this concept work, I frankly don’t know. Will it have health repercussions (think skin cancer), don’t know that either. What I do know, is that Solar Tan Swimsuit will be a better option than getting those fake spray-on tans to even out the color.
Designer: Jun-hyeon Kim

Get Real with the iPhone 4S

I love me a wild iPhone concept as much as the next fanboy, but few challenge the true, obvious setbacks of the current devices. Designer Enrico Penello’s iPhone 4S concept tackles some of the existing flaws of the 4th generation phone with some very simple solutions and a few extras. The fixes: a lightly textured plastic back case for better grip,  a removable battery for easy replacement, and a fixed lower cover for the WiFi antenna. The extras: iOs5, 8 megapixel camera, and a faster A5 processor.
Designer: Enrico Penello

Fashion Headphones with a Powerful Punch

Though it was designed with style in mind, the Bluetooth-ready Wolf headphone isn’t just a fashion-forward accessory, it’s also a wearable state-of-the-art sound system.   Built-in selenium plates optimize the quality of sound regardless of the quality of the input while internal copper wiring ensures sound waves travel even faster & smoother. Most appealing though, is the semi-translucent acrylic exterior illuminated by embedded LED lights. In a variety of prints & colors, this one is sure to be a hit with the cool kids.
Designer: Rafael Conforto

Ice Cream Bike

Try taking apart the average bicycle and putting it back together again – if you’re able at all, chances are that the day has passed you by. The unique construction method of the “Ice Cream” Bike aims to make breaking it down a cinch for super-easy transportation and storage. 2 pieces of recycled steel sheets were water-jet cut to the shape of a bike profile and bolted together at the front tube, seat tube, and bottom bracket. All the user needs to take it apart and put back together are a screwdriver and wrench!
Wondering about the name? It’s inspired by the color of the bike’s paint which was found in the swirls of a tub of ice cream. Yummmmmy…..
Designer: Jose Rivera

Thursday, 22 September 2011

A Holiday from Reality

The M-velope is a small functional art structure designed to be an escapist place for those looking for something that challenges the conventional norms of reality. It was created by artist Michael Jantzen, who hopes that those who encounter the M-velope will be inspired to think more creatively about their own passions in life. The entire structure is made of  sustainably grown western red cedar wood. It can be shipped to nearly any site as an eight-foot cube, or in multiple pre-fabricated pieces.
All of the slotted panels are hinged to the main frame and can be moved into many different positions, which in turn changes the shape of the M-velope. Some of these panels support benches that can accommodate at least 14 people. A small solar panel can be added to the structure in order to power lights, and small appliances.
Designer: Michael Jantzen

So Thin, Kate Moss is Jealous

The BE Light, is an LED desk lamp with an articulated disposition. The clever hinge design can be fully extended to provide adequate task lighting with white LEDs. When not in use, it can be folded down flat to a minimum height of 1.8 cm. It even employs proper guide technology to ensure even illumination across its aluminum surface. This is definitely DO WANT!

Designer: QisDesign

Multitap with a Difference

The Multi Saving Power Strip is a very helpful concept that keeps a tab on the devices plugged in, their power consumptions and electricity wastages. With monetary representation of individual sockets and the whole collective bill, it works a good guilt trip on your no-so-conservational-ways! I love the attention to detail in this strip, for example if there is an overload of gadgets, the circuit rings glow red as a warning sign. I’d buy one if it were available.

Designer: Hyungwoo Uhm

Super Sexy Flx!

The Flx borders on super sexy and exquisite! It’s the kind of phone that every technophile dreams of. Sleek looks, awesome user interface and even a detachable Bluetooth unit that pairs up with the main body, to serenade as a song player. The good thing is that it allows you to receive calls while in that mode. An interesting feature is that you can kick maneuver the Bluetooth unit in such a way that it acts like a support stand for the phone. Very helpful if you want to watch videos on it! I’m sold; so on my wishlist!

Designers: Wenhing Chu & Michael Toh

Crime-Stoppin’ App

This concept by Joachim Falck-Hansen aims to bring focus to urban safety in the form of an application that acts as a digital channel where citizens can be informed and filter criminal events in areas that are relevant to their interest or geographic location. Through the City Scars app users can share “digital witness” information to local authorities and neighbors about crime and other issues. Overall a great application for bringing communities together! Hit the jump for a detailed vid on this crime-crackin app!
Designer: Joachim Falck-Hansen

A Light for any Situation

I’ve been known to mix technology with camping and wish I had something like this for my next trip! The Luminous flashlight acts a both a regular front-light for directional illumination or a global-light for illuminating an entire area. A perfectly simple yet practical design with uses that extend well beyond camping.
Designer: Omer Deutsch

Work Your Body at Your Desk

If you’re a slave to your desk like me, you know what it’s like to daydream about getting a little exercise during the week and will appreciate this design. Introducing Fitness@Work- the perfect chair for keeping your blood flowing throughout the workday! For those big guns a central mainspring/handle combo is built into the core of the chair for a great arm resistance workout. Need to work on those 6 pack abs? Lean the seat-back to the floor, tuck your feet behind the stabilizers and…you get the idea. Neeeeed this!
Designer: Benjamin Cselley

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

This Is The Way We Shower!

It’s a modular world and thus we need modular fittings everywhere, yes even in the loo! What we have here is the Modular Shower Unit; a panel that combines all the basic necessities into one comfortable stand. You can configure it to add in a foot shower, washbasin, rain shower, mirror etc. Basically customize it to suit your needs. The idea behind this unit is to cater to small families who may or may not want all the custom fittings in their bathroom, space crunch being the main reason behind their mindset.

Designers: Hyun-Jung Lee & Su-Yong Son of Daelim B&Co

For the Joy of Charging Phones

Everyday my husband and I fight over who is going to charge their mobile phone on the dresser outlet first. Not that we don’t have plug points around the house, it’s just an apt-place-and-ego-tussle that we have going. So I almost did a cartwheel when I saw this concept of a coat hanger + USB Charger! It’s so perfect for my situation! My dresser if full of essential stuff and I can place only one mobile phone at a time on it, so this is like the solution I am looking for! I’m sure you will like it for other reasons than mine, but heck, it’s a good idea no doubt!

The Hanger USB Charger is a 2011 Sparks Award entry!
Designer: Yong Jae Park


These thought-provoking designs by Kobo Sin are to die for!!  Both beautiful and shocking, Freakshow confronts the issues of death, time, and nature in a series of decorative furniture and lighting that is sure to turn heads.
Designer: Kobo Sin

Robo Bugs!

Enticed by the challenge to make video games come alive, designer Ben Cselley developed this creepy, crawly concept that’s sure to entertain for hours! Hero Robo Bugs may be small, but they’re each equipped with a powerful processor that’s ready to learn. The bugs evolve in behavior as the user interacts and trains them. Battle your bugs or create your own RoboBug army!
Designer: Benjamin Cselley

Headphone or Speaker? You choose!

Designed by Lu Chieh Hua, Headphone or Speaker combines the lightweight mobility of headphones with the sound amplification of a speaker into a single unit that makes it possible to both listen to your music privately or share with others. A unique twisting mechanism allows the unit to be propped upright for directing sound and automatically shifts playing modes and volume between operations, transforming it from headphone to speaker in a flash.
Designer: Lu Chieh Hua

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The See Saw Toast

How would you like your toast to pop out today? I’d like mine with a swishy swing! Yeah the Wooster is just this fine toaster with the capabilities of delivering crisp toast right into your plate! Say hola to my new breakfast companion!

Designer: Choe Jeongju

An Easy Alarm

The Easy Set Easy Control Alarm Clock is quite cute if you ask me. Intuitive touch LED panel with dimmer lights that let you know instinctively how much time left, before the alarm goes off. The concept agrees with me because I am one of those people who keeps checking the time on my iPhone and mentally calculating how much till 5:00 am.

Designers: Chang-ho Lee & Ki-hoon Han

Atomic Number 22

There’s something delicate about the word “bracelet” – that is, until you see the Armadillo: 161, the latest from bold jewelry maker RogueDZN. Named after its 161 parts, the Armadillo is composed entirely of G5 aerospace grade titanium- the same super strong material used to build spacecraft, naval ships, and armor plating. Using the same software used to create the USA’s F22 joint strike fighter, each curve is obsessively perfected in 3D space, a feat impossible to achieve by hand.
Designer: Rogue DZN

Hang Your Hard Drive

If you’re a designer, student, or anyone else who relies heavily on your computer, you know that even as laptops get slimmer & lighter, all of the external hardware can still be a bit cumbersome. A winner of the 2011 James Dyson Award, Easy On is a take-anywhere external hard drive that uses an ingenious hanging system to easily attach to the back of any computer. WiFi integration means the drive can be also be accessed without the use of bulky cables, making this the perfect drive to use when you’re on the run.
Designer: Diacre Nicolas

Long Range Jet with Zero Emissions

Based on the form of the Bar Tailed Godwit, a bird that holds the record for the longest none-stop flight, the swift and efficient Lockheed Stratoliner is designed to fly anywhere on the globe without refueling. Oversized wings generate large amounts of lift and permit flight at higher altitudes while four Cryogenic Hydrogen Turbofan engines power flight with zero emissions and can operate in a low-power state similar to that of fighter jets, saving a substantial amount of fuel.
Designer: William Brown

Monday, 19 September 2011

Good Vibes for Your Pleasure… and His!

Woodvibes androgynous sex toys for couples by Jonas LonborgThese rocks right here are called “Woodvibes.” This project is what’s known as the all-encompassing androgynous sex toy. Made of aluminum, various types of wood, and the super-secret electronics inside. These so-called “sex toys” are made for the modern couple – aka the one that likes to mess around a bit, but doesn’t want their exploits to be the whole world’s business. Cleverly disguised as wooden rocks, charged by induction, unique in vibration.
Designer: Jonas Lonborg
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