Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Eco Drive Monorail The Sustainable Rail Service Solution Concept For Future

eco drive monorail by Philip PauleyEco Drive Monorail concept must be the most effective way as of now to take out the most from the existing rail infrastructure, while ensuring adequate and space efficient rail transportation solution for future generation. High demand in peak commuter hours will never be an issue to bother for passengers because the same old train track will be accommodating three trains including the old one, and two more on the monorail. The most amazing thing is the EDM concept features two trains actually, that can obviously run in the same direction, but most surprisingly, they can run in opposite directions as well on the same monorail. The monorail is deigned to build over the existing rail network which will reduce the cost of building particular stations for them, while keeping the productivity of the old rail system unaffected, increasing rail transportation capacity.
Designer : Philip Pauley

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Question of the Coat

Mumbai, my hometown is famous for its harsh monsoons and I have seen people come up with ingenious ideas to protect themselves from the rain-wrath. But trust me nothing beats the Umbrella Coat Raincoat concept. Simply put, it’s a clever combination of a raincoat, waterproof trousers and an umbrella. The biggest plus being that it leaves your hands free to carry or do other stuff. Something that is completely not possible with an umbrella.

Ideal for the Mumbai Police who brave the rains to control the horrid traffic snarls!
Designer: Athanasia Leivaditou

Disposable Bowls Look Too Good

Food delivery containers are usually made of paper, plastic or foam. They’re quick to make, cheap to produce and provide very little incentive to reuse. The Eco Bowls are designed to quick assemble down into separate components to be easier for disposal. They also happen to look good enough to keep and reuse so my question is, why wouldn’t you?

Designer : Jongduck Park

Meter Pen

Electronic Pen steps up the game for pens that measure as you use them. Not only does include a sexy display that is powered by kinetic means, it also features a specialized design to prevent the display from getting damaged. I like the simple thought process behind the design; surely makes rulers a thing of the past!

Designer: Jang Hyung-jin

The Take Wherever Lamp

Nothing better than curling up in your favorite nook with a cuppa delight and a good book! Stay rooted to the spot regardless of nightfall, thanks to the PAL (Personal Access Lamp) Lamp + Table. A convenient table and LED task lamp combo that relies on induction charging and is cordless. A mix of 15 warm and cool LEDs provide optimal reading light that also cuts down on energy use. On a full charge you can expect 8 hours of cordless illumination! Fantastic!

This Watch has Balls

The limited edition Ringen watch by designer Marc Tran was inspired by the perfect roundness of balls and automotive shapes. The watch is composed mostly of white gold, but the blue disc that represents the hours is made of brushed, anodized aluminum and adds a touch of youth to the overall design. A blue ball is moved along a horizontal progression of black slats that each represent 2 minutes. An additional blue ball orbits the face to display seconds. Anything but ordinary!
Designer: Marc Tran

Santa’s New Ride

As you might have guessed by the name, the Polar concept utility vehicle was designed especially to meet the demands of long distance, rugged roads and the cold weather of icy North Pole area. For the most part, functional parts are exposed for easy repair and emergency part changes in frigid weather. Designed to move snowmobiles, the adjustable wheels adapt to the terrain and a snow-plow can even be attached to the front to ease transport.
Designer: Juha-Pekka Rautio

Intricate Installation

Designer Tamer Nakışçı’s Intersection is an exploration of the connections between different times, techniques, dimensions and people; and how they actually come together. The installation combines simple lighting techniques with the complexity of water and is constructed using 1.6km of elastic. It will leave you wondering whether you’re looking at a digital projection or a tangible, intricate web.
Designer: Tamer Nakışçı
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