Monday, 29 August 2011

Audi Allivictus

Audi Allivictus by David PolášekConcept cars is what everybody needs in the future. You bet. This right here is a futuristic vision of the Audi cell car set up on independent axles and center turning drive shafts. All of the insides hidden in a fabulously eye-meltingly nice carbon body. Transport you and you loved ones around in style and safety. It’s a must.
You think Audi’d market this fabulous auto?
Electric motors inside the wheels, L:4220mm, W:1980mm, H:1350mm. Airflow around the wheel body work and axle engineered to create high downforce, aerodynamic shapes for a more fluent drive. Made of a combination of recyclable polymer materials and “progressive strong carbon fiver surfaces according to F1 construction.” Kamera system monitors situation around the vehicle and notifies the passengers accordingly.
And a fantastic kinetic energy recovery system.
That’s what’s up.
Designer: David Polášek


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