Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Electric No Seater on Two Wheels

Behold one wacky bike for the further excellence of trick tracking across the X-Games world! The designer of this project has pulled out all the extras on this trick bike – even going so far as to remove the saddle seat! Because the designer recognizes that a bicycle is small enough to do some crazy tricks but limited by the power the rider can exert, while motorbikes have a bunch of power but are limited by their size, this project aims to cross the two.
Designer: Charles-Edouard BERCHE

The power the rider jams into the bike is now transformed into electric power. The rest of the bike is designed to be light – the frame being all tubes and carbon. The fork is inverted to integrate a front lens and a video camera for shooting from the first person point of view! This is wild. This is Hydromagnificence on Two Wheels by Charles-Edouard BERCHE. Ride it.
Wheels: 24inches
Wheelbase: 1084 mm
Steering angle: 68°
Seat tube angle: 71°
Length base: 420 mm
Length top tube: 530 mm
Fork and shocks: 140 mm
Frame: Aluminium tubular frame and carbon frame
Engine: Brushless engine
Battery: Li-Po

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