Monday, 19 September 2011

Good Vibes for Your Pleasure… and His!

Woodvibes androgynous sex toys for couples by Jonas LonborgThese rocks right here are called “Woodvibes.” This project is what’s known as the all-encompassing androgynous sex toy. Made of aluminum, various types of wood, and the super-secret electronics inside. These so-called “sex toys” are made for the modern couple – aka the one that likes to mess around a bit, but doesn’t want their exploits to be the whole world’s business. Cleverly disguised as wooden rocks, charged by induction, unique in vibration.
Designer: Jonas Lonborg

Made outside the normal paradigm of sex toys (that being specifically for a man or for a lady,) these Woodvibes reduce the pleasure down to vibration alone. The stones are ambiguous enough to have sitting in a public place in your home, being quite pretty in appearance!
And check it out: charged by induction. These stones come in a box which is also a charging station. Each stone comes alive with its own unique vibration pattern when picked up.
Notes from the designer — Status: prototypes done, technology matured, looking for production/investor. Notes: this project was handed in 9 months prior to Philips releasing their sex toys, which are quite similar in philosophy and function.


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