Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Samsung AQV18VBAN Wall Mounted RAC Split System

Samsung's wall mounted RAC split system, with its stylish shadow mirror design, is all about creating a comfortable environment. With its inverter driven heat pump operation, it delivers an industry leading energy efficiency set up. It also employs a unique MPI air cleaning system to ensure a clean and fresh environment in every corner of the room. Enjoy the extra comfort.

shadow mirror design

shadow mirror design

Luxurious black design with a special pattern. Shadow-mirror front panel. Hidden horizontal LED display.
MPI zone's active air purification




MPI zone's active air purification

MPI zone also purifies the air in every corner of the room.
low ambient






Low ambient

SAMSUNG's outdoor unit outperforms any other competing product, since it operates in wider temperature ranges of -10 to 43 degrees Celsius for cooling and of -5 to 24 degrees Celsius for heating.
automatic moving panel


Automatic moving panel

In terms of the design, when in operation, it looks ultrafashionable, futuristic, and dynamic as the front panel is being opened. When not in operation, it blocks the inflow of dust with the air inlet closed, so dust does not sit on the filter.
conventional passive air purification



Conventional passive air purification

The conventional device provides only partial purification through a filter, which leaves the air in a room unpurified.


  • Air circulation (Max, ㎥/min): 13
  • Capacity (Cooling, Btu/hr): 17062
  • Capacity (Heating, Btu/hr): 20474
  • Capacity (Heating, Cal/hr): 5159
  • Capacity (Cooling, Cal/hr): 4299
  • Capacity (Heating, kW): 6
  • Capacity (Cooling, kW): 5
  • Moisture removal (l/hr): 2.5
  • Noise Level (Indoor High/Low, dB): 40 / 30
  • Noise Level (Outdoor High, dB): 53


  • 4/3 Air Flow Control Steps (Cool/Fan)
  • Manual Air Direction Control (Left/Right)
  • Auto Air Direction Control (Up/Down)
  • Auto Clean (self cleaning)
  • Auto Grille
  • Auto Wind
  • Remote Controller


  • Good sleep Mode: R410
  • Micro Plasma Ion
  • Compressor Type: Rotary
  • Refrigerant Type: R410

Operating Mode

  • Auto Changeover
  • Auto Restart
  • Dehumidification
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • Sleep Mode
  • Timer
  • Turbo Mode

Electrical Data

  • Power source (V/Hz/Φ): 220 - 240 / 50 / 1
  • Power consumption (Heating, W): 1760
  • Operating Current (Cooling, A): 7
  • Operating Current (Heating, A): 8
  • Power consumption (Cooling, W): 1560


  • Net Dimensions (WxHxD, mm): 1065 x 298 x 218mm

Loading Quantity

  • W pipe (20/40ft/Jumbo): 61 / 128 / 150
  • W/O pipe (20/40ft/Jumbo): 66 / 138 / 153

Silver Coated Health System

  • Silver Coated Evaporator
  • Silver Coated Filter

Air Purification

  • Allergy Filter
  • Deodorising Filter
  • Catechin Filter

Energy Efficiency

  • COP (Heating, W/W): 3.41
  • EER (Cooling, btu/W): 10.95
  • EER (Cooling, W/W): 3.21

Low Ambient

  • Cooling (℃): -10 to 43
  • Heating (℃): -15 to 24


  • Net weight (Indoor, kg): 13kg
  • Net weight (Outdoor, kg): 51kg
  • Shipping Weight (Indoor, kg): 16kg
  • Shipping Weight (Outdoor, kg): 53kg

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