Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.0

Meet the new smart world with the Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.0. It offers functionality, compatibility and networking that outperforms any other mobile device. The intuitive interface allows everyone, from entry-level users to experts, to quickly become familiar with the Galaxy S 4.0 and its amazing applications. Feel the power of the new Android platform and the amazing Google Mobile Services, which together provide an outstanding mobile experience where almost anything is possible.

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.0
GMS: Powerful Google Mobile Service

GMS: Powerful Google Mobile Service

Google Mobile Services provide the fastest and most responsive information and media services available. Enjoy Google search, location, Gmail, G-talk, voice search and video services through an easy to access one-stop service. Google search: Google search provides superior search results that let you see the information you need to know. Google Map: Get to where you need to go faster and more efficiently with Google Maps. Gmail Service: Receive and read your mail in real time through full access to mail. Youtube: Enjoy video from Youtube, the largest and most respected video service. Google Talk: Google Talk allows users to send and receive instant messages regardless of location or device. Google Voice Search: Enjoy a new level of precise speech recognition technology to search a vast amount of data on Google.


The Android platform combines a multitude of functions, high compatibility with other Android-based devices, and advanced networking to deliver a long and useful lifecycle to the Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.0. The open-source Android platform is optimised for mobile devices and really stands out when using wireless network services. Applications are stored in a place called the Android Market.
Super Clear LCD

Super Clear LCD

Compared to its predecessor, the Super Clear LCD reduces reflections, displays bright and vivid colours even under direct sunlight, and resists impacts and scratches to keep the display crystal clear long into the future. The Super Clear LCD boasts vibrant colours, a high contrast ratio, glare deflection, and a wide viewable angle. The capacitive touch screen of the Super Clear LCD is layered directly on top of the main display surface with no air between them, which makes the display thinner, improves the brightness and intensity of colours, and reduces glare .


Enhanced sound quality, hearing protection, and an improved user experience — the new sound technology of the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.0
* SoundAlive is Samsung’s own audio signal post-processing technology to optimise sound performance. SoundAlive make MP3s come alive with spacious sound, deep bass, enhanced tone articulation, and improved clarity.


Skype is the world’s most popular VoIP application for free calls. Wherever a Wi-Fi connection is available, you can use Skype to call other Skype members for free. With free video calls, voice calls, and online chatting, you can easily keep in touch with your friends and family members abroad.


If you have a Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.0 and an available Wi-Fi connection, you can instantly record and share your world with video calls and chats, real-time live broadcasts, video mail, and uploading to Facebook and Twitter.


Surf the web via a wireless access point with just a simple setup. Powered by “Froyo” (Android OS 2.2), the Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.0 offers full support for Wi-Fi 802.11n.
Supports Adobe Flash

Supports Adobe Flash

Support for Adobe Flash is a Flash-based Web pages, such as a PC can use it without discomfort. Adobe Flash content can viewed easily, just like on your PC.

General Feature

  • Embedded mic.
  • Available colours: white
  • Multi touch

Video Options

  • SoundAlive
  • Bookmark

Content in Package

  • USB cable
  • Battery (standard)
  • Quick guide

Physical Specification

  • Flash Memory

File Management

  • File delete

Display Options

  • Wallpaper image setting

Supporting File

  • OGG supported
  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • BMP
  • PNG

Video File

  • Audio 3GP supported

Music Option

  • AB repeat
  • Alarm music setting
  • Album art
  • Library (artist, album, genre, title, DB sorting)
  • Adjustable play speed

PC Connection

  • PC OS: WinXP SP2 or Higher (Vista and Win 7)
  • USB Connection (MTP / UMS)
  • Sansung KIES


  • Adjustable play speed

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